WP5 - Dissemination of project findings

In order to inform users and stakeholders about the ROI tool, an appropriate information portal (webpage) will be made available through the EQUIPT website. The requirements of the portal in terms of content and guidance will be identified using the I-Change Model based on various social cognitive theories. We will use the outcomes from an online survey to develop clear, concrete recommendations for developing a dissemination strategy for our method.

The information portal will then be built and tested in each of the four sample countries plus UK. The webpage is conceived as ‘dynamic’ in the sense that continual updates will be made as the project work advances and whenever the need for dissemination/communication arises.

In order to ensure that the EQUIPT findings reach the relevant stakeholders, we will identify and build sustainable partnerships with policy makers, professionals and other stakeholders involved in tobacco control, health inequalities and wider public health policy and practice. By establishing this partnership, we aim to raise their awareness, inform stakeholders and convince them of the advantages of using the ROI tool.

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