WP4 - Policy analysis

In the design of EQUIPT, we have included stakeholder engagement to inform and facilitate the research process (WP1-WP3) and encourage application of the findings of this research in policy making (WP4- WP5). Since the UK has a long-standing tradition of informing health policy decisions through HTA, and as the ROI model was initially developed for the UK, we may regard this jurisdiction as more advanced in the implementation of (tobacco related) evidence based health policies.

We will conduct a case study of the initial UK experience through two consortium partners who have been running several workshops with stakeholders to specifically discuss the ROI v1.0 tool. To do this, we will organise a workshop inviting stakeholders asking their views on how the evidence generated by the ROI v1.0 tool has been translated to their policy proposals. The outcome of the meeting will be to enable national /local managers to identify a set of policies appropriate to local circumstances. This will form a basis for similar policy proposals in other countries.

We will organise a similar workshop with stakeholders from those countries with limited capacity and budget for the implementation of evidence based public health policy. Some space will be devoted to demonstrate the ROI tool v2.0 to the participants. The outcome of the workshop will be a set of policy proposals relevant to the out-of-sample countries for the implementation of evidence based public health policies and support for the validation of the ROI online tool.

Following these workshops, we will extrapolate policy proposals separately for high-income and low-income countries. In addition, all policy proposals will be pooled together to recommend key collaborative efforts across the EU to potentially harmonise tobacco control.

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