• WP1 - Pre-adaptation and stakeholder interviews

    To conduct contextual analyses aimed at identifying the needs of local policymakers for including economic evidence in their decision making and how the return on investment (ROI) concepts and tools can assist with this
  • WP2 - Adaptation of ROI tool

    To adapt the UK ROI tool, based on contextual analysis, for each sample country (Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Spain)
  • WP3 - Comparative ROI analysis and transferability of results

    To understand key determinants of, and factors causing variability in, the relative success of tobacco control at a given level of tobacco burden in sample countries, and support the transfer of the ROI model to other out-of-sample EU countries by
  • WP4 - Policy analysis

    To develop tobacco control policy proposals for wider EU countries through extrapolation from the sample countries and contribute to collaboration among European countries in implementing and potentially harmonising tobacco control policies
  • WP5 - Dissemination of project findings

    To disseminate, as widely as possible, the ROI concept, tools and policy recommendations and promote the usage of ROI
  • WP6 - Project coordination and management

    To efficiently manage and coordinate the consortium