Hein de Vries

Hein de Vries is a Professor in Health Communication at the department of Health Promotion, Maastricht University. His main areas of interest are understanding health behavior in individuals and groups, developing effective interventions, and implementation of effective interventions.

With regard to smoking cessation Hein has been involved with a variety of topics, such as smoking prevention and smoking cessation via health counseling and computer tailored eHealth methods. Studying the effectiveness also entails studying the cost-effectiveness, and this is how Hein became involved with cost-effectiveness studies where he collaborates intensively with his colleague Silvia Evers.

Dissemination of effective programs often seems logical, but very often does not happen automatically. Hence, studying facilitating and hindering factors for the implementation of new innovations, and identifying strategies that may promote the implementation is another area of interest. For this project Hein is the working package leader for the implementation part of the ROI, the dissemination of the project results (WP5). Hein is part of the Dutch team of EQUIPT and is therefore greatly involved in WP1 and WP2 as well.