EQUIPT researchers author a new book on ROI

Four researchers from the EQUIPT partnership - Subhash Pokhrel, Lesley Owen, Kathryn Coyle and Doug Coyle - have authored a new book entitled ROI in Public Health Policy: Supporting Decision Making, published in 2018 by Palgrave Macmillan. The book:

  • Contextualizes understanding of policy/decision problems
  • Emphasises ROI as a method to approach such problems
  • Offers strategies for engagement and communication for policy impacts, with special focus on tobacco cessation, alcohol use and physical activity
  • Provides policy makers with a post-mortem of decision problems they might face in real-life with a view to improving their understanding as to how such problems could/should be approached using ROI concepts and tools
  • Demonstrates that public health decisions underpinned by robust economic analyses often need relevant strategies to engage with and communicate to wider stakeholders for policy impacts